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Walking the Labyrinth Together


Continuing the Journey: Walking the Labyrinth Together

On Wednesday evening, July 8th, we have the very special privilege walking the UCO Labyrinth with Dr. unnamedDiane Rudebock, a professor at UCO and certified Labyrinth facilitator. She uses the labyrinth in the courses she teaches and leads labyrinth events on campus and in the community. She has facilitated labyrinth presentations and workshops on international, national, state and local levels for the past ten years.

The focus of our Labyrinth practice will be "Letting Go" of old ideas and embracing new directions.

We will meet on the UCO Labyrinth at 7 pm. Walk on to the UCO campus at the intersection of Hurd and University streets.
Street parking is available on Hurd.

After the labyrinth walk, the group will meet at Conversations for reflection and dialogue.
You are invited to bring a journal.

There is no charge for attending this labyrinth experience, however, we ask you to register because space is limited.

Benefits of the labyrinth experience
Using the labyrinth is an ancient practice dating back 4000 years.
A walking meditation provides a path that can be used as a symbolic spiritual journey.
Walking the labyrinth allows time for contemplation and reflection.
Moving meditations allow the body to find its natural rhythm as our thoughts come and go.
Those who experience labyrinths report they have felt a calmness and a peace and had time to process life events during the experience.