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Journey Conversations

unnamedPack your bags, and get ready! We are going on a journey and hope you will join us for a new weekly evening group called "Journey Conversations" that will begin on February 11th from 7:00 to 8:30 each Wednesday. The facilitators are Trudy Hubbard and Renee Brunette.

This journey is for anyone who has a desire to explore the areas of wholeness and freedom with a group of fellow travelers. This expedition is going to be laid back and so you can expect the atmosphere to be relaxed and open to all. Our guide will be the Holy Spirit - the True Compass that will direct our paths on this journey.

As we travel along we will make stops on the way for:
Book study and discussion
Sharing our own personal experiences of the journey with each other
Encouraging and learning about ways to deepen our awareness of God's infinite love and generosity in our daily lives.
We hope you will consider joining us in this opportunity for exploring and sharing our common journeys as we each seek out freedom and wholeness for our lives. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. Your response in no way obligates you to attending every single week; we simply want to know who is interested in giving it a try. You can email me by clicking here: trudy_hubbard@yahoo.com


Trudy & Renee