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Enneagram Conversations

4th Sunday of every month.



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The Path of Compassion- 3:00-4:15

We begin with an introduction to the Enneagram and Q&A, facilitated by Joni Menard and Alice Wellington. Alice says, "This is where you can get your feet wet in the shallow end of the pool." It's a great way to begin to understand the nine different survival strategies we use to navigate through life and relationships.



The Path of Wholeness- 4:15-5:30  unnamed

The second half of our time together will be more like wading out into the middle of the pool. It's deeper but not over your head. Trudy Hubbard and Alice Wellington will be leading us through a new book called: Deep Living: Transforming your relationship to everything that matters through the Enneagram. It's open to all who want to explore the Enneagram in more depth. (You do not have to purchase or read the book to attend and learn, however, books are available at Conversations).