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Laughing Yoga

You're invited to the

Laughter Yoga Club

 Laughter fosters a transformation of Joy!


Join us for Laughter Exercises and

experience fun "tension-releasing"

laughter to improve your

physical, mental & emotional health.

A fun, energizing, PLAYFUL stress reliever.

Wear comfortable clothing and
be prepared to just laugh-for the health of it!

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March 2 - April 13, 2014
From 3 pm to 4 pm


EDMOND, OK 73034

What is Laughter Yoga?  It is one hour of hearty belly laughs, moving, stretching and yogic breathing.
Anyone can participate.


Scientific studies have shown thatlaughter has substantial benefits, both preventive and therapeutic. There are a multitude of benefits we receive from laughter.


*         Relaxes muscles / promotes relaxation throughout body

*         Helps get rid of Stress, Anxiety and Depression

*         Relieves Pain

*         Improves mental functions- alertness, memory,  and                   creativity

*         Boosts the immune system

*         Improves respiration, circulation, digestion, elimination               and heart function

*         Enhances oxygen intake and stimulates the lungs

*         Balances blood pressure

*         Builds self-confidence and trust

*         Encourages social bonding and improves relationships

*         Aids overall sense of peace and happiness

Suggested Donation of $5 per person for the one hour session of hearty belly laughs, moving, stretching and yogic breathing. People of all ages and abilities are welcome to come enjoy thelaughter. Bring a friend! 


For inquires, please call or text or email

Jill Shouse, Certified laughter Yoga Leader and founder of this new weekly club shousehouse1996@hotmail.com

Phone 405 - 815 - 1178


Laugh, love, stay healthy, smile,


Ellen Mercer

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Leader


hm office 405-947-2653  m 405-818-7997