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Support Letter August 2013

Dear friends,

Everyday on TV we witness the devastating affects of prejudice, violence, and hatred in our communities.  Despite all the attempts for peace and understanding, there seems to be little real evidence of its reality.  We live in  the “Bible Belt”, with a church on every corner proclaiming the good news of God’s love and yet our state’s divorce rates, number of foster children, and prison rates, (especially women in prison) do not reflect that this message is being experienced and lived out.  That being the case . . .

Our mission at TBC is to be a relational community where people from different backgrounds and spiritual traditions can come together, share their different perspectives and feel honored and accepted.  With your help we are providing a bridge between the isolated and wounded places in all of us and a community that needs to experience unity within a culture of honor and acceptance.

We have found the psychological and spiritual tool of the Enneagram to be effective in personal and relational healing because it addresses the differences in personality and perspective in a uniquely spiritual manner that reaches across all religions and ideologies. The Enneagram provides a pathway to healing the violence of self-hatred and self-rejection with love and acceptance that ripples outward into relationships and ultimately our community..

Through our workshops, retreats, classes, small group experiences, and one-on-one guidance, participants are learning to live life in a new way that brings inner peace and fulfillment.  One person recently shared with us:  “Conversations has been like an oasis in the desert for me.  It has quenched my thirst but has left me wanting to come back for more of its satisfying drink. Just as an oasis in the desert brings hope to a dying person, Conversations has brought back hope to my dying spiritual life.  I want to thank all who followed the Lord’s leading and serve this indefinable place.  Conversations is needed for all the people that cannot get their spiritual thirst quenched in the traditional ways and stumble across your doorway to find an oasis waiting for them.  I am eternally grateful!!

Because our services are rooted in a spiritual foundation of unconditional love, we are passionate about offering them freely or for a small donation.  Therefore, we depend on outside support of our friends and partners so we can continue with our vision and mission.I hope you realize that you are making a real difference in peoples lives and this is impacting relationships and our community!

Our income and expenses for the first half of 2013 shows us how our income has not kept up with our monthly expenses.  We are doing what we can to cut back; however, what we need are more monthly financial partners. We are exploring ways we can reach out and invite new people to partner with us and we welcome your suggestions.  If you know anyone who might be interested in learning about this important work, please let us know.

One way we are reaching out is by having our very first FUN-raising event on August 23, called “Uncorking Your Creativity.”  Paint Your Art Out, a social art studio, will be setting up shop at Conversations and leading participants step by step as they paint an original work of art. What a great way to introduce friends to Conversations!  We hope you will join in the fun and bring a friend. You can find out more on our website: www.tbcconversations.org .

Well, there is much more I could share with you but this letter is getting rather long.  Beginning in September I will be staying in touch with you through a personal monthly email letter.  It is my desire to keep you informed and encouraged by what is happening among us.    Please make sure that my email is in your contacts so it doesn’t go into your spam folder (renee@transformedbychrist.com).

We are excited and grateful for the ways we see God leading people to this ministry and for the opportunity to walk alongside them for a time on their spiritual journey. Once again, thank you for your support and involvement.  May you receive joy from the knowledge that you are helping others find inner peace and wholeness in this stressful and troubled world.


Renee Brunette

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