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An Enneagram Blog: Point 4

It's difficult being a Four.
Every time you feel like you're making progress, it ends up just being another fantasy, and you feel like you're starting from square one. I've noticed this several times ever since I started my Enneagram work over a year and a half ago... It's incredibly depressing, but when I look back at it as just the progress I've made in the past year it eases the pain. Last August I was heavily trapped in fantasies and seeing things not as they were, but how I wanted to see them: in a tragic way so I could have a story to tell.
Make no mistake this hasn't stopped, in fact it was still going relatively strong as late as May, but it's dramatically decreased since then. These past couple months have been some of my biggest growth months. And let me tell you now, that as a Four: it's all about perspective.
All about your view if the world.
If you ever find yourself feeling hopeless because if how many times you've fallen into the same trap: look up. Just seeing the traps is progress, and to always remember, it's gonna be alright.
Jonathan D.